Monday, August 13, 2012

Hiring a Catering Company - Questions That Need Answers

If you're hiring a catering company for an upcoming event, you may think you need only make sure they have good food before signing up for service. There's more to it than that, however. The more thought and research you put into hiring a company to serve your food, the better results you'll get from your choice. You can never go wrong by listening to the recommendations of others. Start there and get a short list of companies in your area. Narrow this list by judging appropriateness. You don't want a place that specializes in pizza and hot dogs serving your fancy wedding guests, of course. Once you have a couple of companies left, choose by asking these questions.
Where are you located?
This may seem like a basic question, but it is one of the most important. If a catering company is cooking the food 40 miles away from the dinner you're planning, it could very well have an impact on the quality. Even if the company is well prepared for distance travelling, they may charge extra to handle that kind of mileage. Find out beforehand and you could have an easy way to eliminate a company from your short list of candidates.
Can you do my event?
This is another obvious disqualifier that should be asked early on. Here's why. Some venues have exclusive contracts with certain catering companies and you might not be able to bring in a company that is outside of that list. Talk with both your venue and the companies on your list about whether it will even be possible to hire them for the occasion. You'll also want to make sure the date in question is one they have open.
Can we have a taste test?
Some catering companies charge customers even for a taste test. Though this is indicative of a certain confidence, it certainly doesn't help you make your decision. If a company allows you to come in and sample their wares, give them preferential treatment over one who will not. After all, you should be able to determine ahead of time if the food they're serving is actually any good. You can skip this, of course, if they are also a restaurant that you've eaten at before or if you have first hand knowledge about how good their food is.
Can you serve alcohol?
Many event planners find they have to hire a separate bartender with a liquor license if they want to serve alcohol at their party. You might check to see if the catering companies you are looking at have a liquor license, as it could save you from that extra headache.

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