Monday, October 29, 2012

Planning An Outdoor Event

Whether you're planning for a small golf tournament or a major music festival, you can't afford to forget about toilet rental. Providing your guests or attendees with a place to do their business might not have been at the top of your priority list when you began planning the event, but it should rocket straight to the top of that list now. You can forget a lot of things when it comes to planning something where a lot of people will be involved with room for forgiveness. You might get some gripes here and there if there isn't enough food or if the parking situation is less than optimal. But if you don't provide enough facilities, you can guarantee yourself a disaster. Renting portable facilities doesn't need to be a hassle. Here's how to do it.
Estimate Your Needs
Your first step will be determining how many portable facilities you'll need for the event. If anything, you'll want to overestimate when it comes to this calculation. You're far better off going too far with toilet rental than erring on the minimal side of things. Figure out how many people will be attending your event. Some in the industry recommend using 1 facility per 100 people as a good rule of thumb. This is a decent starting place, but take other factors into consideration. If alcohol is being served, for instance, you should increase your estimates.
Search Local Listings
If your local phone book doesn't have a section named "toilet rental", you may have to check under event planning or similar fields. If you don't get any satisfaction from the book, check online with search engine queries that should give you the information you need. If there are businesses in your area that can help you, they should come up when you search for that type of service. If you know anyone in the event planning business, ask them who they use when it comes to larger outdoor events. You may also want to check with anyone you know in the construction business.
Start Early
The earlier you can get your toilet rental needs taken care of, the better. You don't want your own procrastination to be the reason you couldn't provide your attendees with the facilities they need to be comfortable. The further out from the date you start contacting companies, the better chance you'll have at finding someone who can accommodate you. If any one company can't meet your needs, consider renting from more than one.


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